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Are you looking for financial freedom while doing something that’s a lot of fun?  We have the perfect job for you and you can start tomorrow!  Make Tiktok videos and get paid.

Tokclix has secured incredible deals with Google and other leading networks that permit us to make these incredible offers available to everyone.  This is a 100% legit way for you to work when you want from any location you choose.  You decide how little or how much you want to work.  No minimum obligations or cap on production.  Simple!  Just get paid ongoing for the work you complete!

This is how it works.

1. We give you an inspirational video to essentially mimic.  Videos are typically 15 seconds long

2. You upload your video to us for approval.  Once your video is approved you will get paid via paypal for both creating the video as well you will receive a percentage of the revenue your ads generate in perpituity.

3.  Month over month as your videos perform you will continue to receive ongoing royalties.  Imagine if you made only 1 video ad per day?  That’s 30 ads per month.  By the end of 2 months you will have 60 ads working for you like little a little sales force.   Every minute your ads are running you are generating a passive income for yourself.  These numbers add up really quick and generate monthly revenue potential in the $1000s every month.

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